Media servers are gaining popularity and usage these days as Live Streaming has grown into an integral part among all of the online family businesses. Not only for the online purposes, but live and ondemand streaming will be used in various fields for convenience and ease. One of several various media servers ultimately market, Wowza Media Server is widely used and constantly in demand for streaming audio and video info. Wowza Media Server is an effective flash media server which is would often stream live and ondemand video, audio, RIAs rich Internet applications, etc to computers, smartphones, tablets, TV screens, etc.

It is a high performance and interactive server which also is used for chat and recording. This server was developed by Wowza Media Systems of Colorado,USA. As appeared built on java, it can be installed easily and quickly on most operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Solaris, and even Mac Os. Wowza Media Server is extensively used and hippest in streaming because of that efficiency to deliver the audiovideo files with designs on the screen. When compared with offshore hosting , Wowza is very cost effective and supports RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPS, RTMPE and RTMPTE protocols.

While streaming with Wowza Media Server, we will have support for live H. streaming with RTSPRTP encoders and live H. streaming with MPEGTS encoders. One of the amazing features of this Wowza Media Server is that daily even bring our social community to our living rooms through Connected TVs, IPTV settop boxes, for example. We can make it interactive with Flash features by letting users to contribute video instantly skincare products web cams, send video messages and engage in live multiuser chat. Wowza is useful in additional than one field with its lots of constructive features.