On wake of the tragic shootings that took place in an Atlanta courthouse in , it is unequivocally clear that there is becoming a widespread effort by numerous counties to significantly enhance courtroom security. Most counties are addressing protection issue through technology, along with the type that appears turn out to be implemented the most is video remote interpreting meeting. Already in use by legal systems throughout the world, video remote interpreting conferencing is revolutionizing the way cases are tried found today. By simply installing one video remote interpreting conferencing system at the courthouse and another at the jail, incarcerated defendants can participate in all legal procedures without the municipality enduring the costs and dangers associated with jailtocourthouse prisoner transport.

The monetary savings into a county become clear when one considers that costly resources need to be allocated, such as several policemen, a vehicle, courthouse security, gasoline and tolls, a few. Depending on several factors, among them the distance of the courthouse to the jail and geographic location, these costs can sometimes reach into the thousands, even for just one trip. Over the lifetime of a year, the outcome is a hefty bill that video remote interpreting conferencing aims to eliminate. In October of , the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance, at the request of the Badger State Sheriffs Association, which represents sheriff departments in various Wisconsin counties, initiated a study into the possible serious amounts of costsaving benefits of video remote interpreting conferencing.

The study revealed a savings of about most. million if all counties used the technology. That data, along with the obvious security benefits, was enough for Wisconsins Green County to move full speed ahead with video remote interpreting conferencing. Like asl vri , Green Countys proposed video remote interpreting conferencing system had been typically the planning stages for a relatively good time and the incident in Atlanta proved being the spark needed move the project forward. A great interview featured in a paper by Brian Gray of the Monroe Times, Green County Circuit Court Judge James Beer said, video remote interpreting conferencing is the wave of future.

It shows the court is moving into the st century. The equipment will enable doctors to look at mental health proceedings and people who are serving time in prison to appear remotely. The benefits are limitless. It saves the county a good deal of money and also increases security here in the courthouse. video remote interpreting conferencing in the court room also has other uses. In Pennsylvanias Montgomery County, large police departments such as Abington officers use the technology not necessarily to handle oncamera arraignments for smaller departments on the inside county but also to digitally process and transmit photographs and fingerprints into criminal databases.